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Do You Need an All-Wheel Drive or a Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle?

Deciding between a four-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive vehicle can be a challenge for some people. Basically, if you use roads that are rough on a daily basis, an all-wheel-drive might be a better choice for you than the four-wheel drive which will force you to keep switching between the 2HI and the 4LO when getting off the road. If you are having a problem with making the decision, our dealership is the best place to get all the advice and guidance that you need.

Visit our showroom at Stearns Ford Inc for this and more insights on all-wheel…

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Meet the EcoBoost®-Powered Ballistic Ball Launcher

When two good things come together, they create an even better thing, right? Well that’s the hypothesis behind this next bit of science from the folks at Ford and Dolph Lundgren, legendary action star and all-around smart guy. They’ve taken the goodness that is Ford’s EcoBoost® engines and paired that with some everyday objects that are alright on their own, but made better by getting ‘The Boost.’ In this episode, science takes us to the proverbial batting cages as Dolph and his team join a 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine to a pitching machine. Check it out below…

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