Avoid Empty Fuel Lines This Winter

These super cold temperatures that we have been experiencing in our area lately has really made the winter feel long. Unfortunately, we have a number of weeks to go before the weather breaks, and in that time frame, a lot of wear and tear can be placed on our vehicles as we drive to and from work, drive the kids to school and activities and run our errands. Routine maintenance can ensure our vehicle is running in tip top shape but there are also some daily things to consider to make sure we protect our investment of a new vehicle.

It is important to keep your fuel tank at a full level at all times. This is better overall for your gas mileage but it is also important when you consider what happens on the inside of your vehicle. Empty fuel lines allow for ice to form and this wreaks havoc. We encourage you to maintain a high level of fuel in your tank at all times this winter, and come by Stearns Ford Inc with any of your car service needs.

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