Know What to Do When a Roadside Emergency Happens

While you are out in Burlington, NC during your daily or weekly commute, you should think about how familiar you are with the steps that should be taken during the event of a roadside emergency. Not knowing what to do can put you and other drivers at risk of causing an even greater problem.

The standard rule to follow during such an incident is to activate your emergency lights and make your way over to the right shoulder with care. If you are on a road, quickly turning into a parking lot or grassy area is also recommended. You or anyone else inside your car should exit quickly, particularly if the engine is emitting smoke. Some of the typical visual and audible indications are flashing warning lights near the dashboard and tire blowout.

Most roadside emergencies are easy to prevent. If your car is having any trouble or not performing as it should be, make a stop at Stearns Ford Inc. so that we can have a thorough look under the hood of your automobile. And remember, you don't want to end up stuck on a busy roadway during rush hour. Come and see us in our service center for a checkup!

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