Coming Soon: Ford Co-Pilot360™ Driver Assist Technology


Set to roll out in fall 2018, Ford Co-Pilot360™ will give you confidence on daily adventures in your Ford. As the roads get more congested and distractions become more prevalent, this advanced suite of driver-assist technologies includes a number of standard features that normally come as a premium options, even for luxury brands. You’ll feel safer behind the wheel of any Ford vehicle with this equipment.

Below, we break down all of the driver-assist technologies that will come standard on Ford’s new passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks in the near future.

Standard Ford Co-Pilot360™ Driver-Assist Systems

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

In 2016, frontal impacts accounted for 54% of deaths in crashes involving passenger vehicles. Ford Co-Pilot360 with standard Automatic Emergency Braking helps drivers avoid or minimize the impact of frontal crashes using radar and camera technology.

If a potential collision with another vehicle or pedestrian is detected, this system will warn you with visual cues and alert sounds. If you don’t respond sufficiently, the system can automatically apply the brakes.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) With Cross Traffic Alert

You’re driving along when a vehicle enters your blind spot. With BLIS, you’ll be warned if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot zone on either side of your car, making lane changes much safer. BLIS also features Cross Traffic Alert, which detects and notifies you of approaching vehicles while backing out of parking spaces.

Lane Keeping System

This nifty system has three primary functions. If you start to leave your lane without signaling, the steering wheel will vibrate, so you can correct course. Second, Lane Keeping System will actually help you steer back to the center of the lane by adjusting steering torque. And lastly, when the system senses that you’re not being an attentive driver, it will produce visual and audio warnings.

Rear Backup Camera

Per the NHTSA, all cars sold in the U.S. must include a backup camera by May 2018. This potentially life-saving feature allows you to see what’s behind you when in reverse, whether you’re backing out of your driveway or exiting a parallel parking space.

Auto High Beam

You may or may not already use your brights while driving at night. Auto High Beam senses when to turn your high beams on and off, giving you the best visibility on dark roads. And because you won’t need to manually switch off your high beams every time a driver approaches, you can focus on driving.

Drive Home in a New Vehicle With Ford Co-Pilot360

Keep an eye out for the new 2019 Ford Edge and Edge ST — the first vehicles to be equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 — from the new car inventory at Stearns Ford. To learn more about this suite of safety features, contact us today.

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