Looking For A Fantastic SUV? Look No Further Than The 2018 Ford Explorer!


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Your love for driving versatile and spacious SUV models goes back a long time. You just enjoy the confident driving experience, and you are drawn to everything that a good SUV can offer you. When you want to buy a new vehicle, an SUV is going to be your first choice, and when it comes to SUVs, there's no better choice than the new 2018 Ford Explorer!

The latest Ford Explorer builds upon many years of excellence to deliver one of the best SUVs in recent memory. The 2018 Explorer gives you a wonderfully spacious and refined interior with enough seats for seven people and a bevy of options for comfort and luxury. But more importantly than comfort and luxury, the 2018 Explorer offers more than enough power that you need to get things done. With three different powertrains available, there's a lot of reasons to love this SUV.

So whether you want comfort, or you want power, come down to see us at Stearns Ford Inc. here in Burlington! Our trained sales professionals can help you find the options that are perfect for you, and ones that fit your needs the closest.

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