Repair a Chip, Avoid the Crack

Rock chips are a pain! But they don't have to be. The trick is to get it taken care of as soon as possible. If you do, you can avoid a much bigger problem -- namely having to shell out for a new windshield. And that's expensive. Much more expensive than having to repair any rock chip repair.

It doesn't take long, either -- only 30 minutes or less. It's worth it, considering it's saving you from having to get a new windshield. Plus, having a crack in your windshield can even get you a ticket and will cause you to fail an inspection-not good. But if you just have a rock chip, you won't run into that kind of trouble-I mean, who needs it? Sometimes your insurance company will even take care of the cost of your rock chip repair-all you need to do is bring your insurance card to the rock chip specialist.
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