Take a Quick Break to Help Your Brakes in Burlington

Keeping your Ford maintained is the key to enjoying it for years and years on the Burlington roads. Making sure that every part and system is regularly inspected and serviced not only helps your vehicle's value, but more importantly keeps you safe. That's especially true when it comes to your brakes. Take a quick break to help your brakes.

Have you checked your brake pads? They should be at least a quarter of an inch thick. Any less, and it's time to put some new ones on.

Do you hear and feel grinding? When your brake pads wear all the way down, your calipers and rotors can rub together, creating a grinding sound when you apply the brakes. That could mean it's time to replace both your pads and your rotors.

How about that squealing sound? Under wet road conditions, it's fairly normal to temporarily hear squealing from your brakes. But if there's squealing all the time, it could be an indicator that your brakes need service.

If it's time to for a brake inspection or service, schedule a service appointment with us here at Stearns Ford Inc. We'll help you get safely back on the road in your Ford!

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