Is Your Ford F-150 Safe From Theft in Burlington?

In 2014, more cars were stolen than minutes in the year, and nearly half were never seen again, at least not by their legal owners. You might think your vehicle is safe in Burlington, but could you be at risk of car theft?

It gets hot in North Carolina in the summer, and heat waves are like a holiday for grand-theft auto. July and August, the two months where thermometers are highest, are also the two months that see the most stolen vehicles—likely because of drivers leaving their windows rolled down more often, giving crooks an easy entrance.

In the movies, the people most likely to have their vehicle stolen are wealthy, driving conspicuous sport or luxury cars. In real life, everyday vehicles like the Ford F-150 are the most likely to be stolen. Ford's most popular truck was one of the Top 10 most stolen vehicles of 2014, according to NHTSA. There's a bigger market for their parts, and they're easier to get away in without arousing attention.

To protect your Ford, be sure to always take the keys with you when you leave, and keep the windows rolled up no matter how hot it gets, making sure there are no pets or children inside first. According to NHTSA, taking these simple steps could have prevented thousands of thefts.

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