How Ford Helped Educate Children on National STEAM Day


Ford strongly believes that in order for innovative products and technology to be created, a future workforce that is skilled in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) is essential. The automaker also takes great pride in supporting STEAM education by creating opportunities that connect Ford directly with children and the community.

November 8th was National STEAM Day, and Stearns Ford couldn’t be more proud of Ford’s involvement. Ford created a variety of opportunities to educate children on the importance of STEAM careers. Keep reading to learn more.

Ford: Educating Children About the Importance of STEAM

The Ford High School Science and Technology Program (HSSTP)

HSSTP was started to help students explore STEAM careers with assistance from Ford scientists, engineers, and technicians. The goal of this program is to unlock the potential of high schoolers and open their eyes to future career opportunities.

Ford Girls’ Fast Track Race (GFTR)

Another way Ford helped children explore STEAM possibilities is the Ford Girls’ Fast Track Race or GFTR. During GFTR, hundreds of Girl Scouts came together to build wooden race cars with female designers and engineers from Ford.

Ford STEAM Box program

Ford also created the Ford STEAM Box program with the help of Groovy Lab in a Box to give children the chance to build a Ford Mustang GT prototype. The Ford STEAM Box program challenged children to use their brainstorming, researching, planning, building, and testing skills to think like an engineer and construct a working Mustang GT with a frame, engine, and seatbelts.

Ford’s City of Tomorrow Challenge

Ford’s City of Tomorrow Challenge was designed to address the challenges of moving people around future urban environments. This challenge gathered families together and inspired them to create a vision of the future and work together to think about efficient mobility solutions.

Contact Stearns Ford

Thanks to Ford’s STEAM Day efforts, children are more likely to use technology, engineering, arts, and math to change the world for the better. For more details on the Ford STEAM program or to test drive a Ford, contact Stearns Ford today.

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