Etiquette for Holiday Travel—Ford and Emily Post Institute Have You Covered

“Stand up straight. Shoulders back! Have you combed your hair?”

Do any of these statements make you think of proper etiquette and perhaps how it was drilled into you as a little boy or girl? Etiquette gets a bad rap sometimes, but its ultimate purpose is to make sure that those around you are comfortable.

When you are traveling this holiday season, little things like a warmed car and “tour” for individuals who haven’t ridden with you before are lovely ways to show that you care.

Ford and the Emily Post Institute have come up with a list of holiday driving etiquette which we love.

Here at Stearns Ford Inc., we hope you’ll make a visit to our dealership and service center part of your holiday break. We have a terrific lineup of both new and pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs for you to browse here in Burlington, North Carolina. Happy holidays from all of us at Stearns Ford Inc.!

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